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     Thyroid Screening
Thyroid Screening with thermography searched for heat that is seen with both hyperthyroid and hypothyroid. Hypothermia may be associated with late stage hyopthyroidism.

Hormone Imbalances
Hormone expression can be seen in receptor sites in the body. This is mostly seen in fatty tissue as "leopard signs", or mottling patterns. Hormone toxicity may also be a factor.

Abdominal Inflammation
Inflammation from deeper laying anatomical pathologies may be seen in abdominal thermography. Experimental protocols are being studied to use thermography as a screening for ovarian cancer.
Thermography can be used as a screening for cerebrovascular function. A pilot study showed 95% success at identifying carotid artey blockages.

   Breast Screening
Screening for heat associated with fibrocystic breasts and breast cancer is fast and easy with thermography.

Systemic Conditions
A compilation of various systemic conditions and what they look like on thermography.
Referred pain from dermatomal and sclerotomal referral is represented
thermally with precise visual images.
Lymphatic Dysfunction
Both spinal nerves and peripheral nerve          pathology can be documented with thermography.
Dental Thermography
Infections o te mouth and gums cause bacteria to leak in to the lymphic system.
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